C’est une éponge

Such curves as gorgeous as flesh has never existed, intertwining in the midst of vigorousness and gracefulness and softness, which beyond everything since before and after.
Sculptor intended to fabricate such graceful god’s creation by sculpts, which is human itself. It appears to little me, regarded as a noble tribute for the creator.
Though I had ever coveted all these, desired to profane deities and disgrace the creator. Yet, as a matter of fact, the real creator is ourselves being created. Love has bred everything, such as body entanglement, and collision in the midst of sexuality and love.
As I have been thinking frequently, about whether love is given by deities as well. What is desire? I roughly imitate the human body with soft sponges and record with light and shadow, but still in lost…
JP / EN / CN

The work which was exhibited at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo / Canon Photo Gallery S, Tokyo / Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo

C'est une éponge
C’est une éponge
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